About Us

Our rich experience, multi-industry understanding, and problem solving abilities will offer your business just what it needs!

Based in Chennai one of India’s largest manufacturing hubs, Engtech Solutions has a wide network of suppliers and partners across India and Asia. The founder of Engtech Solutions has a rich experience in manufacturing and marketing Automotive Engine Components for over 4 decades forging relationships all along the journey. His experience coupled with the other team member's varied industry experiences have helped Engtech be a melting pot of skill-sets and networks.

The team consists of industry experts from varying backgrounds and skill-sets. Our focus since inception in 2004 has been on supporting manufacturers from all over the world with marketing, sourcing and, strategic consulting. Our collaborations with other agencies also ensure that our Clients get the right mileage they need from their respective markets.

Ram Dharmarajan - Strategy & Consulting

Archana Ramaswamy - Projects & General Management

Ajay Athreya - Sales & Operations